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Filter Bubble
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It‘s me. Your algorithm.
Do you know, how important I am for you?
Out of confusing posts I can make crystal-clear messages!
Suddenly everything will look good. Because I am with you all the time.
Let‘s take Social Media – is it more of a blessing or a curse?
You‘re not sure?
I show you in a moment, how easy the answer can be…
Welcome to your filter bubble!
Check this out Is Social Media a blessing or a curse? Start Research
Which search term do you choose? Is Social Media a blessing? Is Social Media a curse?
Look for what you want, but not for what you want to find

Try to find a neutral question for your research. If you don't, you will only get results that are aligned with your question. And only those!

Try Again
Click a search
Choose another
search result
Tap a
search result
Choose another
search result
Well done

Let‘s have a look at how your research went so far

Finish Research
Delete Cookies

Delete the cookies in your cache. The cache is the buffer memory of the computer. To erase your traces in the browser, you should empty it regularly. Otherwise, you will be led to similar contents again and again. You can find the function in your browsers’ settings.

Empty Cache
Delete Click History

Many search engines evaluate your click history. They look at what you have clicked on before. They show you information that matches it. If you want to get a different perspective, turn off the click history. You can do this via the search engine settings.

Delete Click History
Your Conclusion
It‘s me again. Your algorithm.
Bye bye.
See you soon.
On Social Media.
And never forget:
I belong to a large family - there are many of us.
We did not create ourselves.
We were programmed by a human.
And you have fed us…
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