The new driving school

Bad air - cars cause great climate damage. But there are a few simply tricks that help protect the environment.

D eutsche Telekom sends its employees on driving courses. The company not only embraces mobility solutions that reduce CO₂, but is also providing the necessary expertise to reduce traffic-related emissions. Deutsche Telekom’s car pool counts around 26,000 vehicles just in Germany, which makes it one of the largest in Europe. In 2015, Deutsche Telekom reached an important milestone: The emissions of new cars have fallen below 110g per kilometer for the first time. That's even 10 grams below what is required by EU. A big success for Telekom. In 2016 they decided to reduce the average CO₂ emissions of new vehicles to 95g CO₂/km by 2020.

An emission of merely 110 grams per kilometer for all the cars that have joined the pool lately

Finally, the most important factor to protect the environment is an eco friendly driving behavior. That’s why Deutsche Telekom puts emphasis on eco-driving courses.

Deutsche Telekom's car pool achieves long-time goal of 110g/km CO₂ emission*
152 g CO₂/km110 g CO₂/km2009201120132015
* new cars
Our contribution

Until 2020 we want to reduce our vehicles' emissions to only 95g CO₂/km (for new cars). Besides trainings for efficient driving und more efficient cars, we rely more and more on alternative engines.