smart home

The house that thinks - and protects your bank account as well as the climate.

I n the smart home, I don’t need to walk over to the light switch any more, that much is clear. I can turn on the heating from my smartwatch, even when I’m out and about. On vacation in Mauritius, it tells me if someone has broken in and I can call the police. But does it really also help fight climate change?

Smart thermostats can already save 30 percent energy. No matter whether old or new house or flat. Good for your bank account as well as for the climate.

Yes! Because the smart connected home thinks and helps to save energy and thus carbon emissions – whether in an old building, a new building, or a rented flat. So, how does it work? The light butler turns lights on and off as you make your way through your home. If a window is opened, the smart home adjusts the central heating thermostats accordingly. And you can see the energy consumption of your devices and appliances in real time and thus weed out the energy guzzlers. That saves you energy and a whole lot of money. To enable control of devices from different manufacturers, Deutsche Telekom with Qivicon provides the required vendor-neutral system platform. So, not only can you control your household appliances simply and reliably, you can also combine them with different brands and devices, all conveniently via the Internet. So, take a guided tour round our model smart home.

  • Ventilate and protect the environment Why waste energy when you're trying to get some fresh air?
    Smarthome from Qivicon automatically switches off the
    heating when you open a window.
  • Think how practical it would be if you didn't need light switches any more. Smarthome from Qivicon makes
    this possible: Lights are only switched on where there
    are people in the room. And they switch off automatically
    too. This is convenient and saves electricity and money.
  • Consume electricity when it is cheap Energy is cheaper at night than during the daytime. Qivicon
    knows when electricity is particularly cheap and turns on power-
    hungry appliances like the washing machine at those times.

Living smarter with Qivicon

The idea of pieces of equipment communicating with each other is reminiscent of science-fiction films. But this future scenario is already a reality: With the smart home platform QIVICON, Deutsche Telekom has joined with partners to realize the vision of a connected home. On the basis of QIVICON, a growing number of different pieces of equipment by varying manufacturers can be easily controlled from home or on the move by smartphone, tablet or computer via relevant applications. Never again will you need to worry about whether you left the oven on, or the window open. Qivicon allows you to conveniently check and control your home. A simple command on your smartphone is all it takes - and the oven is switched off. You can even keep a constant eye on your windows while you're out and about. This saves energy, increases security and enhances the comfort of everyday life.