Better than flying

Almost nothing is worse for the climate than air travel. But in many cases, there's a better alternative.

A Boeing 747 emits nearly a ton of CO₂ in just the first two kilometers after takeoff. Everyone knows that air traffic is a major agent of climate change. But millions of tons of CO₂ emissions could be avoided if just a few business meetings were held online. And you would also save time and reduce your stress level. The interactive calculator for virtual conferences provides an overview.

What difference will one flight make?

Where could your next meeting take place?
Drag the plane to an airport.

  kilograms of CO₂ per person will be
emitted by this flight.
  days a tree will need to absorb it.
you could travel by train with
the same CO₂ footprint.
  trips around the world
  days a cow would take to produce the same amount
of CO₂ through its natural processes.

With Deutsche Telekom's web confer- encing, you can get all the participants together while saving CO₂, money and travel time.