When your computer, smartphone or router goes wrong, it takes all the fun out of surfing the net. That is exactly what we want to prevent.


  • FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. It’s a modern phenomenon, and one that looms large on the internet. But what hap­pens when your compu­ter breaks down, your smartphone goes on strike, your Wi-Fi router crashes or – worse still – all that happens at once? If you don’t know how to handle problems like that, you can quickly find yourself in a sticky situation or, to put it another way, out in the cold – isolated from digital society. This can be a particular problem for the older generation, especially if it affects their ability to live independently. Enter Deutsche Telekom. We don’t just want to give as many people as possible an internet connection, we also want to do our bit to make sure that everyone, from small children to silver surfers, can enjoy the benefits of being connected. What’s more, we want them to have a hassle-free experience.

It’s great when everything is running smoothly Computer Support is a new service from Deutsche Telekom. When problems strike, real experts help you get your computer up and running again. If necessary, they can even come out and visit you at home. More information

Computer support from real experts

  • If your computer, smartphone or Wi-Fi router is giving you problems, real experts from the computer support team at Deutsche Telekom will help you put things right. Between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday, you can get hold of them conveniently over the phone, without having to wait in line. What’s more, if the problem can’t be fixed over the phone or via remote access, the experts will come out to your home to help. However, most problems can be resolved conveniently via remote main­tenance. As a customer, you can sit back and watch the experts at work, asking them questions, if you like. There are very few problems our specialists can’t put right at the first attempt, and they can also offer tips on how to resolve additional issues. If, for instance, you need a new hard disk, they can tell you what type you need and what it might cost.

Better safe than sorry

  • Our “Digital Schutzpaket” (Digital Protection Package) goes one step further. For years now, hackers have increasingly been targeting private households – stealing login data, crippling computers and smartphones and blackmailing people. The tricks are also becoming ever more sophisticated. You can find out what you need to do in our piece entitled “Beware the trap”. If you do fall victim, then our Digital Protection Package can provide rapid assistance. Of course, it’s better not to get caught out in the first place, which is why the experts at Deutsche Telekom will advise you on how to protect your home network from hackers. Since new traps are continuously being invented and change is constant, the Digital Protection Package includes a free annual check-up that ensures your home network is secure and your data backups are still working. Find out what else the Digital Protection Package has to offer here.

Hello, I'm Lisa
and my voice is
my password.

Tip If you would like to use your voice print as a fast, simple and secure means of identification, you can submit it at any time by calling our hotline number 0800 0800358

Your voice is your password

  • The situation will be all too familiar – you dial up a hotline, wait patiently in line, finally get through to someone and then they ask you for your customer number. You get that unmistakable sinking feeling – where on Earth did you put it! You can pretty much bet it won’t be in easy reach. Frustrated, you hang up so you can root through drawers, knowing fine well that when you do find the details, you’ll just have to redial the hotline and get back in the queue. All that is a thing of the past at Deutsche Telekom. You no longer need to remember any customer details or pass­words – instead, you can now use voice recognition to register with the Deutsche Telekom service hotline. Once your voice pattern has been recorded, you will be recognized automatically the next time you call. The technology behind this new feature is known as voice bio­me­trics – and it is even more secure than a conventional password. After all, no­body can guess or imitate your voice print. Even if someone records your voice, the system can identify such forgeries. The end result is that it is easier and faster to get through to someone. Just give it a try!
Tips How to protect your privacy

You have a suspicion that data kraken are following you? Congratulations, you're right! But these tricks help you protect your privacy without turning yourself into a digital outsider.

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