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The magazine for sustainability.

  • Curse or blessing?


    From a blessing to a curse: How plastic is threatening our health and our planet. And why 44 grams less will help.

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  • The transparent user


    Learn how well the internet knows you and
    how you can protect your privacy.

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  • Focus

    The internet
    of things

    How the internet of things will
    change our lives. Profoundly.

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  • The We Care label

    We need to talk

    Deutsche Telekom’s new “we care” label identifies
    products and services that help protect the environment
    or make a valuable contribution to society.

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  • Climate protection

    Can the internet save the climate?

    How smart parking space help the ice bears. How to plant trees by surfing. How to become a climate hero.

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  • Digital democracy

    My vote counts

    Participate, claim rights, get informed. More and more people use the internet for their political goals. With success.

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Current topics

The parking space in your pocket You're mine

You waste nine months of your life looking for parking spaces. That annoyance is finally over.

Home, smart home

The house that thinks - and protects your bank account as well as the climate.

Laws for the internet This is what’s in it for you

Who says the European Parliament is only interested in crooked cucumbers? Five laws from Europe and what they do for you.

Story of an assassination

It all began with bloody conflicts over power and dominance. And in fact democracy would have died out long ago. If it weren’t for...

The best tips Get into the mix!

Podcasts, news, apps – the internet offers extraordinary opportunities to get up to speed and get involved in politics – Berlin political scientist Tobias Kremkau puts few tools available in Germany under the microscope.

Democracy reloaded

Ever greater numbers of people are parti­cipating in democratic processes via the inter­net. But fake news, bots and filter bubbles can so easily lead us down the wrong path.

What's better Making your mind up

Which “horse” would you bank on, if you had a choice? Classical democracy, as it used to be in the time before the internet, or digital democracy?

Your choice

Commentators are saying the European elections to be held in May are going to be decisive for the future of the Union. 446 million people are facing a major crossroads.

Focus on plastic

Plastics The practical problem child

How plastic is threatening our planet.

Our daily plastic

The Horten department store in Neuss han­ded out its first plastic bags in 1961. Since then, we can hardly imagine a world without plastic. But that is, in fact, what we should do!

9 tips to avoid plastic Bye-bye, plastic

Join the fight against plastic waste! It's really quite easy! Like 44 grams easy, to be exact.

Perfectly hidden

There is more plastic hiding in the walls of your home than you think. Find out where! Click on everything that looks suspicious. On your marks, get set, go!

Environment The biggest garbage dump in the world

By 2050 there will be more plastic swimming in the oceans than fish. But a "manatee" has been cleared for action to combat this problem.

Bon appétit!

What does a plastic bottle have to do with a salmon filet? A lot, as it turns out. A quiz the way you like it.

Focus on privacy

Digital privacy Dive into the darknet

A beginner’s diving course in six stages. And why even you should surf in the darknet.

Eight tips for your privacy

Protect your privacy with these eight simple tips without becoming a digital outcast.

The transparent user Cache me if you can

Google, Facebook & Co ask for a data striptease, and we comply without hesitation.

Come right in!

A world without privacy: Inconceivable or a blessing? The post-privacy movement under the microscope

7 questions 1001 Truth

Digitization has many faces, and just as many truths and untruths. The initative "1001 truths" provides orientation.

5 very private questions

How large is your flat? That's something you wouldn't tell a stranger you run across in town, right? But many people unknowingly leave private data like that in the internet.

Focus on the net

The parking space in your pocket You're mine

You waste nine months of your life looking for parking spaces. That annoyance is finally over.

How the Internet of Things is improving our lives

To ensure that we can maintain our quality of life in the long term, we have to become a sustainable society now. The Internet of Things helps us on our way there.

Network upgrade Full throttle for the new network

Deutsche Telekom is working on the biggest network upgrade in the history of the company: the buildout for the 5G network. And it's more than just faster.

You're lying like a rug!

More and more fake news is spreading on the Internet. This article will put an end to all the tall tales. Honestly?

Environment Smarter energy, greener planet

To save the world's climate, we need smart electricity. And a good fairy.

Surfing with a bodyguard

More and more people are falling victim to cybercrimes. That's why Deutsche Telekom is turning the network into your bodyguard...

Environment The green data bunker

Lack of space – The cloud is moving! The new accommodations will not only be larger but will be greener as well. And will also be recyclable if desired.

The new driving school

Bad air - cars cause great climate damage. But there are a few simply tricks that help protect the environment.

Climate change Just a few more days of water

Cape Town is running out of water. How a city is now fighting to protect every last drop of its water. And how a project by T-Systems South Africa has brought some hidden, unexpected water consumption to light.

The smart harbour

The port of Hamburg is a place of longing. It’s also a place of efficency! Find out how this superlative trade center increasingly flawless every day.

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