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  • Stop monkeying around

    How are smartphones relevant for gorillas? Learn more...

    How are smartphones relevant for gorillas? Unfortunately more than they'd like. They're the reason why ten thousands of primates are in danger of exctinction.

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  • Smarter for the climate

    Why the future belongs to smart technologies.

    Can washing machines help keep icebergs from melting? Learn more here...

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  • Time out

    Do we afford our smartphones too much power over us?

    How your smartphone is in control of your life and what you can do against it.

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  • Beware the trap

    See how ease you walk
    into cyber traps.

    You don't think you have been hacked in the past year? Chances are that you were. And that someone's after your money.

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  • Sharing

    Why we really should
    rediscover sharing.

    You own a drilling machine? If you like our planet, you'd wish not to. Learn why...

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We Care

Welcome to We Care, the magazine for sustainability.
The latest issue is all about the circular economy. Discover
why the lowland gorillas in the Kongo need our urgent
help, why dematerialisation is something good, and why
we should share more – and a lot more...

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